Yoga is a path of self discovery.
Yoga is a chance to experience life without the burden.
Yoga is about devotion, unity, and LOVE.

Jennifer found out years ago that practicing yoga was good for her self esteem and self growth. Time on the mat gave her the opportunity to look within, get in touch with her body, and walk off the mat feeling improvements in her mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga had not, and is still not,  something that has come easy to her. Her deteriorating eye sight has added its challenges, and it has taught her that feeling is more important than seeing. As she shifted to a more healthy lifestyle she went though physical changes including shedding over a hundred pounds. The physical changes she went through took her on a constant path of finding ways to adapt poses to fit her body type and other physical limits she was dealing with. Even currently dealing with ankle surgery, compressed nerves, and connective tissue issues, she is able to modify to meet her ever changing needs.

Persevering through challenges gave her an opportunity to appreciate her body in all its forms and to be aware of how she feels while doing any pose. When things come up that she can't do, she finds power by focusing on what she can do and also looks forward to the things she will still get to work at and achieve someday. Jennifer is determined to support  and inspire others in creating a yoga practice they love! 

Practice Yoga with Jennifer

Chair Yoga for the Blind/Vision Impaired - Thursdays 10:30-12 
Join this donation based online zoom chair yoga. We enjoy the time talking with one another before winding down and recharging with some chair yoga adaptable for anyone!


Tai Yoga Chi - Dillsburg Yoga
Held the 1st Sundays of the month from 9-10am.
Pre-registration for available classes in "events" page!

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Yoga Art

Yoga Art was created to take you on a journey filled with mindful moments. Yoga and are both have their own benefits, and when blended together they create a wonderful experience. Allow art to motivate yoga, and yoga to inspire art!

This book contains over 40 different poses!

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