Reiki Classes

Reiki classes are not always on the schedule until there is a request.

If you have interest please reach out!

All Reiki classes are based off of traditional Usui Reiki. 


Classes often also cover other areas of interest for learners; including shamanic practices, Reiki through sound healing, Reiki with crystals, and intuitive practices.


Classes are held in a casual and intimate way. Keeping the class size small (or even one on one) allows individuals the time to verbally work through things they are learning and experiencing. Run times can vary with the flow of the class.


Classes are done in the comfort of Holistic Hearts (a local home/business), where individuals can naturally settle in a space that is set for personal growth. 

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Reiki I - teaches the basics of Reiki including what it is, how it works, history, the principles and more. You will leave with an attunement, certificate and the ability to do Reiki on yourself, others and animals.

Class run time is around 6 hours, $150

Reiki II - reviews Reiki I and continues to do deeper and to learn symbols to strengthen, reach subconscious and send over distance. You will leave with an attunement, certificate and the ability to broaden your abilities with Reiki for yourself, others/clients.

Class run time is around 6 hours, $200

Reiki III - reviews Reiki I & II, reflect on self work, gain new symbols to use as tools. Dive deep into your own truths as you weave your own energy into the Reiki learnings. The attunement will celebrate you as a Reiki Master.

Required and optional self work to do prior to class.

Class run time is around 6 hours, $200

If you decide to continue to become Reiki Master-Teacher:

Focus on personal journey with Reiki. Learn last Master symbol and how to give attunements. Personalized experience.

Required and optional self work to do prior to final attunement.

Run time - One on one for needed time, $100

ANIMAL REIKI & COMMUNICATION - Animal Reiki and communication compliment each other. Open communication can enhance Reiki and allow healing o happen at deeper levels. This class will cover giving animals sessions, communicating, and all the gritty details in between. Not only will you pick up a lot, you'll get to practice some things, and even receive a special intention attunement. 

Recommended for those at Reiki Level II, but ok if only Reiki Level I.

Run Time - 6 hours, $150

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

Class fees are never meant to keep an individual from this journey.

Reach out if you feel it is.