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Reiki originated in Japan and is a very gentle hands on healing that guides one into a state of relaxation, helps release stress and promotes a healthier mind body and spirit. Jennifer will guide you gently through a relaxing and healing experience where she often incorporates ReikiSound using singing bowls, drums, rattles, tuning forks, gongs, and other vibration healing tools, intuitively pulls in the beneficial vibrations of crystals, and utilizes Shamanic practices in her sessions.

Reiki Sessions (can also be combined with reflexology):

    $40 for 30 min*

    $60 for an hour *

    $1/min for distance sessions *

    Reiki Classes available, see Event page!

Check out the event page for special sessions!

Reiki Social Gatherings:

Social gatherings can be a great way for many to get together and all experience some Reiki at a shared price. Host a social gathering at your own place or at Holistic Hearts. It is recommended that no more than 4 people share a single hour (giving each person a 15 min session), if more than 4 people are interested then additional time can be added on so everyone gets a great session. Social gatherings can also be personalized with the addition of henna, reflexology, yoga and painting!

    $60 per hour (intro time not charged)***


*Amount of time reserved for Reiki, allow a little extra time for discussion before and after.

**Amount of time reserved which may also be used for talking, time for the animal to settle in, and the Reiki itself. Animals tend to not require as much time and may end session before reserved time is up.

***Travel charges may apply if more than 30 min away or other transportation fees occur.

What is a Reiki session like?

A typical session for a person include them laying on a massage table fully clothed while the Reiki practitioner works on their body with gentle hands on positions and also in their energy field around them.


Animal sessions are handled differently because they are less likely to stay in one position for a lengthy amount of time and they are much more sensitive to Reiki energy so it is best to let them control their session. When an animal session begins the practitioner creates and maintains a place where Reiki energy is flowing. Even at a distance the animal can feel this. Animals will position themselves at the distance they feel most comfortable with and stay there for the time period they want to receive. Some animals will come up to the practitioner and request hands on Reiki. Some animals do not want to receive or when they are done and will simply walk away to a range where they will not receive.



What are risks of Reiki?

Nothing bad can come of Reiki, it simply can do no harm. This goes for the practitioner as well, they do not take on problems/symptoms. It is important to know that Reiki can be detoxing at times, so it is possible for one to physically detox in ways that are natural for their body. It is recommended to drink lots of water and go for walks following a Reiki session. If you do have any concerns after a session be sure to reach out to your practitioner.


Can Reiki help a problem I have?

Reiki works in the greatest good, sometimes we do not even know what this is. Reiki is sent with the best intentions for the greatest good and is trusted to go where it needs to go. Imagine you want an in ground swimming pool so you can walk around in the shallow end. When you go to fill the pool you can not control how the water fills it, even though you are only interested in the shallow end the deep end needs filled first; the water knows where to go. Even after the deep end fills and shallow end is filling there is much plumbing that you don't even see that needs filled as well; the water know where to go. After the pool is all filled and you can enjoy the shallow end the water needs to keep circulating and being added as needed; the water knows where to go. Reiki can help one reach a more balanced and healthy well being. A practitioner is a conduit to help allow the flow of Reiki into a receiver. They do not control what it does.



Can Reiki replace my medical treatments?

Reiki can be integrated to assist any treatments one may be going through. One who is healthier and more well balanced is the more receptive they will be to any treatment. It can also be seen as a protective defense. Reiki is very supportive of western medicine and compliments it well.



How does Reiki stand with my religion?

Reiki is not a part of any religion, nor does it go against any religion. The source of Reiki is the greatest good, some see that source as a God, many Gods, nature, the universe, nothing, etc.. Reiki is love and light and works for the greatest good. Religions are like different languages, all meaning love. No matter what your religion, Reiki can help you grow spiritually and be even more connected.



What can I expect from Reiki?

The best mind set is to be open minded with no expectations. If you are looking for a specific result you are more likely to miss other benefits. Reiki is also not a "one time fix". Though one session is better than none it is best to keep working with it like anything else such as counseling, physical therapy and  medical treatments. It is typically recommended to have a series of three sessions close together, and then monthly sessions. Being open minded will leave many doors open for you to explore, if you are only looking for one particular door to open you will miss out on many others that are meant to be.




What will I experience in a session?

What one experiences varies for each person and for each session. Most common things described are warmth and tingling. A very calm and peaceful feeling can feel very comforting when one can let their mind go quiet. Sometimes emotions may surface and are often good to go through and release. It is also not uncommon to fall asleep during a session (but do not worry, the Reiki will still be working). Some feel nothing at all, again the Reiki will still be working. You may even feel the effects for a couple of days after a session. Drinking plenty of water and going for some walks (especially out in nature) can be beneficial.





How does Reiki work?

Everything is made of energy. It is very common today that we misuse our energy worrying about things, in anger, with fear and more. Eventually our energy becomes out of balance and to make it worse we have often cut off our connections to the energy around us that is capable of helping. Reiki practitioners act as conduits of energy and allow it to flow through them into a receiver so their energy can get flowing and begin to rebalance. India describes our energy in the form of Chakras, 7 main points of energy that go from our base to our crown, and they all need to be in balance for our energy to flow at its best. It is common to see physical issues arise from internal energy issues. Have you ever felt upper back/should issues? If so you may explain it as feeling "the weight of the world on your shoulders," and perhaps you are. Have you ever felt your knees stiff and achy? If so you may have described it as "inflexible to movement," and perhaps you are. Our bodies communicate with us and we need to listen. We all have the ability to self heal, "its all in your head" is not just a phrase. There is a reason why placeboes cause results, and why your attitude makes the difference. "Weather you think you can or think you can't. You're right" - Henry Ford





Why should I pay for Reiki?

Though what occurs during a session may seem simple there is a lot of effort put forth for a practitioner to be in that position. A practitioner devotes their every day to filling themselves to be able to help others. A practitioner may do things including performing daily self Reiki, receiving sessions from others, living by Reiki principles, continuing to grow their knowledge, expanding their spiritual growth, obtaining networks, reaching out to the world to maximize themselves. All of these things help them be better for themselves and for anyone who receives Reiki from them. As a client, it is also important for the sake of balance to give when receiving something.







Why should I have my animal companion receive Reiki?

You may look at your animal companion and think they live a stress free easy life. You may want to look closer. They are animals with instincts and an energy all of their own. We have them live in the walls of our homes and expect them to obey rules we set, many of which are in the negative (don't jump, no getting on furniture, stay out of trash, don't potty inside, no barking, no rough play, and so on). Trying to please their human companions can be stressful. So can environmental things (seeing a squirrel they cant chase, hearing people outside, fireworks, storms...). Animal companions also take on our own emotions and can be stressful as well. Then there are some who have had stressful times in previous homes being abused or neglected, or even being homeless. Reiki helps animals the same as it does for us and can bring better well being physically, emotionally, behaviorally... 








"Jamie has been so relaxed: She has not been stressed at all. Even with how windy it was and the house creaking she was fine, she didn't run away or seek comfort! I definitely want you to do that again with her." - Feinberg

"Jen has quite the spiritual touch! As she works to restore your sense of peace, love and well being you will begin to let go of negative energy and things that limit your inner needs. You will leave your session with a rejuvenated and positive outlook! We are all put on this earth for a  reason; Jen's is to spread her gift of compassion, love and kindness to others through her healing hands." K. Rossey

"I didn't want to leave. It was amazing and so relaxing. My body felt balanced and it helped give more energy. My dogs are Reiki lovers too. They try to steal my sessions and they beg Jen to heal them too. My older dog is more playful and energetic after her time with Jen. Totally worth it. I'm very conscious of taking care of my body and love the benefits of Jens healing hands." T. Smeak

"Had my first Reiki session ever with Jen. Didn't know what to expect but having felt a kindred connection to Jen from the first time I met her, I felt safe trying this new experience. For me it was emotionally calming, physically relaxing and stress relieving. Jen brought me gently from a place of total chaos to a state of calm. My complexion even improved in the days following. Reiki is subtle but powerful. I'm ready for my next session!" B. Campbell




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