Reflexology is an integrated healing technique involving the application of pressure to the feet (and/or hands). Different parts of the feet/hand correspond to different body parts and reflexology stimulates circulation, breaks up toxins, helps reduce symptoms in feet and also in corresponding body parts.

Reflexology Sessions (Reiki can also be combined):

  $40 for 30 min*

  $60 for 60 min*

Reflexology with Ion foot soak:

  $70 for an hour session*

         30 min soak  

         30 min foot reflexology (or Reiki)

  $90 for an hour and a half session*

         30 min soak 

         60 min foot reflexology (and/or Reiki)

Reflexology Social Gatherings:

Social gatherings can be a great way for many to get together and allexperience some reflexology at a shared price. Host a social gathering at your own place or at Holistic Hearts. It is recommended that no more than 4 people share a single hour (giving each person a 15 min session), if more than 4 people are interested then additional time can be added on so everyone gets a great session. Social gatherings can also be personalized with the addition of henna, Reiki, yoga and painting (more time may be needed)!

    $60 per hour (intro time not charged)**


*Amount of time reserved for Reiki, allow a little extra time for discussion before and after.

**Travel charges may apply if more than 30 min away or other transportation fees occur.


Sessions have the flexibility of combining Reiki and other healing as well.

Reflexology is different than a foot massage:
A reflexologist is trained to work very specific areas in need. Though rubbing of the feet in general can be very relaxing there is more to a reflexology treatment. Some areas while being worked may have a "feel good pain" and as the session continues that feeling should lessen (some issues may take multiple sessions). It is important that if anything is too  uncomfortable to speak up so your reflexologist can readjust to your needs. Sessions are done fully clothed (pants that roll up are helpful), and can be done in a reclining seat or laying on a massage table. 

A Reflexologist sees past the physical foot:

Many people have insecurities about their feet; how they look, feel and smell. When a reflexologist works at a foot these things are not noticed, instead they feel the energy and the connect with you as a whole. The oil that is used is also beneficial and moisturizing to feet and has a relaxing scent as well. Mix that in with the feelings from reflexology and you quickly find yourself melting away worry free!






Reflexology can help many areas:

Reflexology can make improvements with plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, and more. It can also help headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder, back, sciatic, legs, and knees. Internal issues can also be helped such as heart, lungs, kidneys, intestines, menstruation and more! Reflexology can help whether it is circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestion, muscular, sensory, skeletal, even emotional!


Reflexology can be done with hands when feet are "unavailable:"

There are times where reflexology can be done to the hands when it is more idea then doing the foot. If a person is missing a foot, a foot has broken bones, a foot has an infection it would be better to work on the corresponding hand. The same results can be achieved, however it is often preferred by the recipient and the reflexologist to work on the foot when possible!








Ion Foot Soak

Ion foot soaks can be a relaxing way to add to your detoxing. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking along the beach where the water wisps at your feet and absorbs into the sand...that recharging feeling you get is what an ion foot soak does! The water will change color naturally just from the reaction of the ion and minerals in water. However sometimes other things show up in the water released by you. The ion foot soak lasts 30 minutes.