Spiritually Guided Henna

Jennifer uses henna and her intuition to create a beautiful message in the form of a natural temporary body art.

The healing intention of a henna session can far outlast the art itself.


Anytime Jennifer offers henna she shares the recipe she used for that batch (organic henna powder, water, lemon juice, sugar, & lavender essential oil).


Spiritually Guided Healing Henna Session:

This is a reserved session to receive an intuitively guided henna design just for you!

Add Henna to a Reiki or Reflexology Session

Henna takes some time to dry, what better way to wait for it to dry than to receive Reiki or Reflexology!

Receive your intuitive healing henna session and then relax for a follow up 30 min or hour Reiki or Reflexology session! 

Add henna to a social gathering!

Henna can be great to add to a girls night, birthday party (6 years or older), or any other festive or healing event!

Henna designs are done intuitively.

Henna by Jennifer Rabenstein
Henna by Jennifer Rabenstein

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Henna by Jennifer Rabenstein
Henna by Jennifer Rabenstein

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Henna by Jennifer Rabenstein
Henna by Jennifer Rabenstein

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Henna by Jennifer Rabenstein
Henna by Jennifer Rabenstein

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About Henna

Henna comes from a tall shrub known as Lawsonia inermis native to Asia and Africa. Henna was originally used by nomadic tribes to cool their skin and for wounds! Henna has been used in many cultures for different ceremonies and festivities.


Henna leaves are dried and ground down into a powder which when mixed with lemon juice, water, sugar, essential oils and intentions, makes a great henna paste!  The henna paste must sit for 6-12 hours for the dye to be released. 

Once henna comes in contact with skin its die starts staining the top few layers. The amount of time henna stays on helps determine how dark it will develop. When the henna paste is removed from the skin it will leave an orange stain which will darken over the next 24 hours. The color stain will depend on many variables including time paste absorbed, temperature, place henna was done on body, after care, and even variables in the individuals health and skin. Henna fades only as the skin exfoliates. It typically lasts for 1-3 weeks.

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Set up for a special one on one experience or expand the experience to include others!

A one on one session, lasting about 1-1.5 hour is $88 and can be adjusted to accommodate needs or more people! 

Gift Certificates available!

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Jennifer is accepting custom orders for henna art on wood and drums/tambourines. Click here and scroll to the henna art section to learn more.

Organic henna powder used is obtained from www.shopbeachcombers.com

Visit for products and more information: