Ready for some art in your life? Create some or acquire some!


Create some art:

Private Creating Art Sessions and Creating Art Social Gatherings! 

Tap into your inner creative side as you are guided to express yourself through art! Art is a wonderful way of fostering creative growth, relieving stress, promoting an optimistic attitude along with other benefits! 

Check out some event themes here.

Run time for paint events are around 2 hours, longer for events with more than just painting.

Prices for paint gatherings typically start at $20 a person and depend on location and event details.


Host an event and we can support you in making it a stress free!

We have sturdy wooden easels, plastic table cloth, paint, canvas/objects, paint supplies (cups, plates, paper towels), brushes (other painting tools can also be brought like sponges), cleaning supplies, and trash bags. You just need tables, chairs, a sink, and guests! As a host, you may collect more than our per person fee to compensate for hosting the party.



Acquiring Artwork by Jennifer Rabenstein

Jennifer is accepting custom orders! Inquire about a special request or just let her intuition run wild from the start! Each piece she does involves lots of energy focused just on you. Jennifer often pulls inspiration through connecting with Reiki, card readings, and other messages from the universe. 

     Paintings (acrylic or henna/acrylic on canvas)

     Stained Glass pieces

     Drums/Tambourine (henna designed acrylic on synthetic or henna stained hide)

     Wood Coasters (henna stained with or without water color paint)

     Wood trays (henna stained with or without water color paint)

     Yoga Mat (henna stained)

Follow Jennifer Rabensteins FB page to see pieces others have received and available pieces.

Currently accepting custom oders!


Shipping is available for stained glass, canvas grids/cloths, drums, and other henna'd items (currently not shipping painted canvases). Save money on shipping by picking up in person. Reach out for shipping costs!

Henna Art Work

Jennifer is intuitively guided when working with henna. Henna stains wood in a similar way that it does human skin, but since the wood doesn't shed away the stained cells like our skin does, the image gets to remain. Tiles/Slices can be used as coasters, decoration, altar items, keepsakes, conversation questions and more. 


Acrylic Paintings

Jennifer works with lots of colors to create unique and spirited pieces. Using water helps her flow with her pieces. She also enjoys working with animal inspiration including using paw prints. She often dose pieces that show how she sees the world with her deteriorating eyesight due to Stargardts. When doing pieces for someone she enjoys the rush of energy she experiences when she connects with them. 


Stained Glass

Jennifer enjoys creating her own patterns, taking in requests, and even just creating intuitively with glass. 








Henna/Painted Drums & Tambourines

Jennifer's favorite art projects are her henna painted drums and tambourines. She loves the entire process/journey of the item starting with mixing the henna, connecting with the person, receiving images, designing, laying on the henna, painting on the color, lifting off the henna, adornments, sealing it, and finally uniting it with its person.

This history of the drum is powerful enough. Core shamanism shows us that everything has a spirit, even non living, manmade objects. Having sacred art done on a drum brings that spirit out. Allow a drum to call out to you or call out for a drum yourself. 




Canvas Grids & Distance Healing Cloths

Jennifer creates special art on canvas to be used for distance healing cloths and crystal grids. Different size options as well as designs. Find one that calls to you or have one created specifically for you! The intuitive art makes for some very special pieces.